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Animal Control

How do I report a lost dog?

You can report your lost dog by calling the Main Administration office at 613-345-7480 or 1-800-492-3175 (within the 613 area code).  You may also contact the Animal Control Officer to determine if your dog has beeen impounded.

How do I contact the Animal Control Officer?

You can contact the Township's Animal Control Officer Ken Gilpin, of the Frontenac Municipal Law Enforcement at

Does my dog require a dog tag?

All dogs in the Township are required to have dog tags unless otherwise indicated in the Dog By-Law.  Tags must be purchased annually. For more information please visit the Animal Control Page by clicking here.

What about cats?

The Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley does not currently license cats. The Animal Control Officer and the By-law Enforcement Officer do not impound stray cats; additionally Riverdale Kennels does not accept cats on behalf of the Township.

Is there an Animal Control By-Law?

The By-law 02-23 of the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley established the regulations for the Township with regard to dogs and kennels. 

To view this By-law and learn more about the offences for which dogs may be impounded and their owners fined please visit our Animal Control Page by clicking here.

Building Permits

Do I require a Building Permit?

Building Permits are required if you intend to erect any structure on your property that is larger than 100 square feet.

For more information regarding permits, fees, application forms and guides please visit the Building Department Page by clicking here.

Committee Meetings

When do Committees meet?

Each Committee sets their own meeting schedule, which they are at liberty to vary from month to month. To determine the next meeting, click here to consult the calendar. 

Council Meetings

When does Council Meet?

Regular meetings of Council are held the second and fourth Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 6544 New Dublin Road.  Working Sessions of Council are held the third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers at 6544 New Dublin Road.  

Are Meetings open to the public?

Yes! Members of the public are invited to attend all meetings. 

For more information on meeting dates and locations please consult the calendar on our home page or visit the Clerk's Department page for more information by clicking here.

Fire Department

How can I apply to be a volunteer firefighter?

An application is available online at the Township's website. Click here to download. Or you can pick up an application at the Fire Administration Office located at Station No. 1, 44 Main Street East, Lyn.

What qualifications do I need to become a volunteer firefighter?

The minimum qualifications require Grade 12 education or equivalent, 19 years of age and a G2 driver's licence.  To learn more about becoming a volunteer firefighter click here.

Is there a burning ban in effect?

The Township Fire Chief or the County Fire Coordinator can implement a burning ban.  It is advertised in the newspaper and on the radio.  The answering machine or staff at Fire Station No. 1 in Lyn (tel. 613-498-2460) will inform you of the ban when you phone the Fire Department for approval prior to lighting a fire.  For more information on open burning, click here.

Am I allowed to have a campfire (open burning)?

Call the Fire Department Administration Office at 613-498-2460 to set up an appointment for an inspection for your brush pile, camp fire pit, fireplace or burn barrel to ensure everything is in good order. A criteria sheet will be given and rules to follow. After your approval, calling into the Fire Administration Office prior to lighting the fire is required and your information is recorded at the office.  For more information on open burning, click here.

Can I burn in a barrel & how do I get a burn/fire permit?

Call the Fire Department Administration Office at 613-498-2460 to set up an appointment for an inspection for your brush pile, camp fire pit, fireplace or burn barrel to ensure everything is in good order.  A criteria sheet will be given and rules to follow.  After your approval, calling into the Fire Administration Office prior to lighting the fire is required and your information is recorded at the office.  For more information on open burning, click here.

Does the Fire Department have Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation?

Yes.  Fire Underwriters Survey (Insurer's Advisory Organization Inc.) has accredited the Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Accreditation to the Elizabethtown-Kitley Fire & Emergency Services as of November 13, 2003, for Residential Dwelling Classification. If you require more information on this accreditation, please call the Fire Department at 613-498-2460 or email .

To learn more: Visit the Fire Department section of the website by clicking here.

Garbage Collection

Does the Township offer garbage collection?

Yes but only for the residents in the northern portion of the Township (former Kitley Township).  A waste collection levy will be applied to the tax account of houses receiving garbage pick-up. This levy represents the actual cost for waste and recycling pick-up (collection). The cost for tipping (disposal) is recovered through the sale of tags.

Who picks up garbage in the south end?

There are several companies in the area that residents can hire for their garbage collection.  Some of these companies advertise under Rubbish Removal in the Yellow Pages of your local phone book.

For more information on garbage collection please click here.

Home Based Businesses

If you are thinking of starting a home based business, check out the following questions/answers:

Who should I contact first?

Contact the Township’s Planning Department first at 613-345-7480 or email , to ensure your home based business is a permitted use in your location.

How much of the floor area of my dwelling can be used for my home based business?

Up to 25% or 40m2 of the floor area of your dwelling (whichever is less) can be used.

Can I use my accessory building for my home based business?

In some areas up to 40m2of an accessory building can be used (excludes garage use), but limitations apply.  Please consult with the Planning Department on restrictions.

How do I start a home based business?

As noted above, please consult with the Planning Department on municipal zoning restrictions applicable to such a use/your property.  Also visit to learn about starting your home based business.

Are there grants and resources available?

Visit the following websites to learn about possible grants and other resources to help you start your home based business:

Will having a home based business impact my assessment and increase my taxes?

If the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is aware of your home based business/commercial use, they would assess/classify accordingly, which could potentially increase the taxes.

Can I claim income tax deductions if I use part of my home for a home based business?

You may be able to claim income tax deductions and should consult with your accountant.

Employment Opportunities

For current positions open please visit the Employment Opportunities page by clicking here.


Does the Township have a Library?

Yes.  There are three Library Branches to serve residents.  For more information about our Libraries please click here.


Recycling is available free of charge at the Township's Waste Disposal Site.  For more information please click here.

Recreation Department

Does the Township offer Soccer and Baseball programs?

The Township works in collaboration with various minor sports organizations to offer recreational programming. Each minor sport association is responsible for all registration and scheduling.  Greenbush Minor Ball Association, Kitley Minor Ball Association, Lyn Minor Ball Association and Kitley Minor Soccer Association operate independently.  The boards of directors for each of these organizations change annually.  Contact numbers for each of the minor sports can be obtained through the Township's Main Administration Office at 613-345-7480 or 1-800-492-3175.

Does the Township offer adult soccer or baseball programs?


Does the Township offer swim programs?

Yes, the Township does offer swim programs at the Lyn Valley Conservation Area & Bellamy Park. 

The swimming program offered by the Township is designed by the Canadian Red Cross Water Safety Services division. For more information about these programs, and for more information regarding water safety, check out their website at For information regarding all Red Cross Swim Preschool and Red Cross Kids programs and to confirm which level is right for your child, please visit the Red Cross website at

For more information on the swimming program, click here.

Is the water at the Lyn Pit (Lyn Valley Conservation Area) & Bellamy Park tested for bacterial analysis?

Yes, the Lanark, Leeds and Grenville District Health Unit tests the water weekly throughout the summer. To learn more about water testing, visit their website at

How do I register for swim programs?

The Township runs swim registration in the middle of June at Fire Station No. 1 in Lyn.  Late registrations are accepted based on availability by contacting the Aquatic Supervisor of the swimming program.  Click here for more information.

Does the Township have Recreation Grounds for special events?

Yes the Township baseball diamonds are routinely rented for tournaments. The Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley Rows Corners Fairgrounds are also available to rent for various special events.  The Recreation Coordinator is responsible for booking recreation grounds.  To speak the the Recreation Coordinator call 613-345-7480 or 1-800-492-3175 or email .  To learn more about our facilities, click here.

Does the Township have bike or ATV or snow machine trails?

No. The Township does not operate any form of trail systems.  The Leeds and Grenville District Snowmobile Association have information regarding snow machine trail systems.  To learn more visit their website:  The Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve offers a consolidation of trails in the Biosphere.  To learn more visit their website at


Are severances permitted?

Yes.  The County of Leeds & Grenville Land Division Committee is the approval body for both severances and plans of subdivisions. Procedures related to both severances and plans of subdivision processes are outlined in the Planning Act and related regulations.

To permit a severance it must meet all the policies and requirements of the Township’s Official Plan, Zoning By-law and related provincial policy and other regulations.

What is the severance process and associated fees?

Prior to formally applying for a severance, it is recommended that you discuss your proposed application with the Township's Planning Staff.  Please consult with Township's Planning Staff on how to proceed.

To view in detail information regarding the severance process and associated fees please visit the Severance Page by clicking here.


How often are we billed?

Taxes are billed twice a year. The first billing, called the Interim Bill, is sent out in February with a due date in March. The interim bill represents 50% of your previous year's taxes. The Final Billing is mailed out in late spring or summer of each year. Unlike the Interim billing the final bill consists of two installments (two separate due dates). The final bill reflects any change in the tax rate.

For more information and more frequently asked questions regarding taxes please visit the Finance and Taxes page by clicking here.

Waste Disposal Site 

Where is the Waste Disposal Site?Map to waste disposal site

The Township's Waste Disposal Site is located at 8468 County Road #7 (Greenbush Road)
You can reach the Waste Site at 613-924-9934

What are the hours?

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.. 

What about Statutory Holidays?

The Waste Disposal Site is closed for all Statutory Holidays. When closed for a holiday the Waste Site re-opens on its next regularly scheduled day. 

Who can use the Waste Disposal Site?

All residents of Elizabethtown-Kitley are permitted to use the site.  When visiting residents should be prepared to provide a valid drivers licence and/or tax bill as proof of residency in Township.

For more information please visit the Waste Disposal Site page by clicking here.

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